India’s fastest growing YouTube channel? : Make Joke of…

Make joke of is a YouTube channel in which one can find funny animated videos made on social topics. Make joke channel has become very popular in YouTube media in the recent days because of its good and funny content he has made many records in India’s YouTube Community. In this Article we will talk more about the channel : Make joke of , we will clear some myths and will investigate that who is behind the scenes of make joke of. Before that we would like to welcome you to Ytpoint , If you are a You Tuber , this is a dream place for your work. We sell YouTube Equipment in affordable cost. and we have many more features which can be found by exploring!

Make Joke of is a YouTube channel which has shocked the Indian YouTube community in the recent days. This channel has uploaded 10 videos in 3 months and has already completed a milestone of 1 millions subscribers in  YouTube. This channel was created on 1st August 2017. If you guys are thinking that this channel has gain this milestone by doing some black tricks of YouTube then You guys are wrong. This channel has gained all the subscribers through his/her hard work and a little bit luck. This Guy upload the videos in a cartoon like comedy form and has created 10-12 videos till now which are published in his/her channel.  Cartoon like comedy channel is a very unique concept in India , and they have started this by taking social topics . So that is a plus point for them. The language used in the videos are bhojpuri-hindi mix. They have a pun of two of the most populated states of india which is uttar pradesh and bihar . which gives them a plus point of popularity. the views on every video have crossed 1 million. because of there unique and creative work. we people should support thenm.

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